Yorkshire Dales

Professional Photography & Professionally Printed Fine Art Prints
of the Landscape and Nature from the stunning Yorkshire Dales.

Yorkshire Dales Professional Photography - professionally printed fine art prints

These photographs were taken on a 5 day hiking holiday with my brother to the Yorkshire Dales in July 2021. We walked for over 80 miles along the Dales Way soaking up the breath-taking scenery along the way. We were incredibly lucky with a mixture of sunshine and clouds blessing us with the most beautiful contrasting textures over the rolling hills, the clouds breezed over casting forever changing patterns of shadows and light. That feeling of being completely alone, immersed in, walking though and experiencing such incredible natural beauty really was special. I fell in love with the Yorkshire Dales and I hope the images I took over the course of my week there showcase just how special it is because my heart is in every single one of them.

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